Saturday, May 30, 2009


Have you ever really thought about your eyebrows? I mean, they're just a random bunch of hair above your eye. They don't serve any purpose.

But think of life without them. Eyebrows are essential in conveying emotion. How would you know if someone was surprised, or sad, or angry? You can always tell by looking at his/her eybrows.

There's a girl that I know that basically has no eyebrows. She's plucked them so much that they don't exist. Needless to say, she looks a little strange.

And why do we (especially girls) pluck our eyebrows? Why is having a unibrow so gross? Society is weird. Why do girls shave their legs, but not their arms? Why don't guys shave their legs? Why do guys have to have shorter hair than girls?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Time for something I'm a huge advocate for: honesty. There's not enough of it in the world now. I'm honest at all costs, and even if it hurts a friendship, I refuse to lie or pretend to be something I'm not.

One of my friends drives me crazy. I love her, but every other thing out of her mouth is something that isn't true. She makes up things about herself to make her life seem more interesting or to make guys interested in her. Eventually, her lies are going to be found out and nobody will trust her. I don't even trust her when she says I'm her best friend because she says it to everyone.

Don't be like that. It's okay if your friend asks something like "Am I fat?" and you say no even if you think they are. It's common courtesy. But if you're going to spread lies about yourself, you might as well destroy your name and everything you are.

The whole reason the world is how it is today is because people aren't honest. Think of all the problems that could be solved with honesty. Except people don't want to say the truth anymore because then they're considered mean or harsh. I don't understand how people feel good hearing compliments from someone who is obviously lying.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Even if you don't believe this, follow me for a bit.

Everyone has their one true love. The one person in the world made for them. But what if that person speaks a different language?

It's amazing to think that just a difference in the arrangement of letters and words can totally affect a person's love life. That person could have the perfect personality for you, but they don't speak English (or whatever) so you can't understand them. You'd probably never even meet.

On a related note: How is it that just a random combination of letters forms a word with a certain meaning? Every word you're reading right now, you understand, but what if I started typing like this: Sjiusj ehlla sidhfk ekeoifh lak ed u skjehjskd.

You would have no idea what that means. There are thousands of different combinations of letters that form words, but there are plenty more combinations that don't form words. At least not words that people understand.


This is currently my desktop background. I took it at a Dairy Queen drive-thru on my awesome phone. Then I edited it heavily with Picasa 3, which conveniently came with this laptop.

Ever since I started taking pictures with my phone, I've started to notice the beauty in things. I see so many random images throughout the day that I just want to take a picture of so bad. So I often have 10 or 20 pictures on my phone that I have to sort through and edit and put on my DeviantART.

Until tomorrow, folks.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Toliet Thoughts

Don't you get the most profound thoughts while on the toliet?

I do.

Everytime I go to the bathroom, I just sit there and think. The bathroom is such a personal place. Nobody's in there watching you, there are no cameras (I hope) and you're free to do whatever you want.

I pray on the toliet. It's really a smart thing to do, if you like praying. You feel completely open and not judged. Think of how many times you go to the bathroom in a day. That's more praying than most people get done.

When I first sit on the toliet, I sort of collapse. It's so nice to be alone and not have to put on a facade for the people around me. That's also why I pray. I'm totally honest because I don't have to impress anybody.

On a related subject, go to this website:

I read this about a year ago and have been doing it ever since. There really is a noticeable change once you start. Yes, talking about pooping is gross, but I suggest you try it.

That's it for today. More tomorrow.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hello! I'm Michelle, host of Load of Mish Mash.

I'm not going to do the typical about-me, blah blah blah. I'm sure you can read that in my profile.

Here's the low-down: I created this blog to speculate. The best way I can describe it is using someone else's words. (Isn't that always easier?)

From The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon:
"Pillow Book: A notebook or collection of notebooks kept in some accessible but relatively private place, and in which the author would from time to time record impressions, daily events, poems, letters, stories, ideas, descriptions of people, etc." -Ivan Morris

This is going to be a little like an online Pillow Book. I'll post random thoughts, or maybe a poem or short prose blurb, or maybe a cool photo I took. I'm not looking for comments or discussions, just simply a place to spill my thoughts. I do hope I interest you as a reader and I spark some sort of thought in your mind. (After all, I do want to be an author.)

For today, I thought I'd just leave it at the introduction. Tomorrow will be an actual post. Happy reading!

(By the by, if you ever see a spelling or grammar error, please please please let me know. I am insane about those things and I'd hate to have something wrong in my blogs.)