Thursday, July 23, 2009


Isn't time an incredibly surreal concept?

Think about it: we assigned numbers to correspond with the aging of the Earth.

Who decided the exact length of a second? What was there before this measurement? Why the number 60? Why not 100? Or 10?

I was watching the second hand tick in the doctor's office today. I thought it was weird that we connect the aging of our lives with the movement of a piece of plastic. I imagined my life dropping away with every click. Yet, that isn't true. My life ages no matter where I am, what I am doing, or whether there are any clocks by me. Clocks are simply a measurement of the constant aging of life.

Why do we accept the universal time? Granted, it makes life much simpler. But what if I changed my clock 30 minutes behind. Technically, I wouldn't be late to anything. That would be my time, and everyone else would just be early.

What if every person or family had their own time? The measurement of time is just a number. It's going to pass whether the clock is 5 minutes early or an hour late. It doesn't change the way the sun moves or how our bodies age.

It would be interesting to go a day with a time schedule 30 minutes behind. Tell me if you do that.

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