Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I apologize for the long hiatus, but I'm back from Minnesota, where I had a hell of a time (literally) due to the fact my friend's parents chastised me more than my own parents do.

(I like how I pretend that people actually read this.)

I just wrote down a blurb of a personal nature that I was going to post before I realized my last post was personal. Still nothing better with the sister. Worse, in fact, if that's possible.

Anyways, today I'm going to talk about originality.

Have you noticed the growing number of movies that were based on novels or remakes of old movies? I recently say My Sister's Keeper (great movie, I was crying the whole time) but I realized that there have been close to no truly original movies. Most of the original ones are asinine comedies.

This got me to thinking: when does the originality run out? When will all the ideas that could possibly be thought up by the human mind be thought up?

As you might know, I really want a career as an author, and I have so many ideas for novels that I'm planning to write. However, sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever thought of these ideas before. I'm sure someone has. Billions of humans live on this Earth, there is almost no chance of an idea occurring only once.

Take a look at Stephenie Meyer of the Twilight series or J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter. As much as I respect these women's writing, I have no idea how their series' got so popular, while others just as similar remained obscure. There are literally countless vampire novels; most with the same general concept as the Twilight series. And wizarding books? Please, there are even more of those.

This originality ordeal is really getting to me. How soon until movies, TV shows, even books are just tired reptitions of the same thing? I hope the ideas I have are solitary on this planet, but I can never be sure. People with original ideas need to guard them, before they're exploited into pop-culture.

It'll happen soon, just watch.

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