Monday, May 25, 2009


Even if you don't believe this, follow me for a bit.

Everyone has their one true love. The one person in the world made for them. But what if that person speaks a different language?

It's amazing to think that just a difference in the arrangement of letters and words can totally affect a person's love life. That person could have the perfect personality for you, but they don't speak English (or whatever) so you can't understand them. You'd probably never even meet.

On a related note: How is it that just a random combination of letters forms a word with a certain meaning? Every word you're reading right now, you understand, but what if I started typing like this: Sjiusj ehlla sidhfk ekeoifh lak ed u skjehjskd.

You would have no idea what that means. There are thousands of different combinations of letters that form words, but there are plenty more combinations that don't form words. At least not words that people understand.


This is currently my desktop background. I took it at a Dairy Queen drive-thru on my awesome phone. Then I edited it heavily with Picasa 3, which conveniently came with this laptop.

Ever since I started taking pictures with my phone, I've started to notice the beauty in things. I see so many random images throughout the day that I just want to take a picture of so bad. So I often have 10 or 20 pictures on my phone that I have to sort through and edit and put on my DeviantART.

Until tomorrow, folks.

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